Saturday, November 6, 2010

goodbye :)

for him :

there is no excuse
to turn off that lighting fuse
all of this is all my doing
its nothing about u..
u're such a loving im just not prepared for all of this..

so let me go,
i begging u please....
NO! i dun have another boy dear
i just one to be alone in my own world
i need my life more better than this

for now we need to go our separate way
maybe in the future we be back together someday

so dun loose hope in loving other gurl
when u loose me, u will get another 10
u will get a gurl who is better than me

although we are apart
u will always be somewhere in my heart
i will always remember your lovely smile...

all those sweet memories we had this while..

i gonna miss you my lovely b :))

thank you for giving me a happiness


  1. hai nyet~~nk tunjuk teror berbhse kafir ke? hahahaha

  2. hahaha

    xde laa nk tnjuk terror sgt yunk
    tpi ingin improve kan je...

    fell very2 matted lak..